Present at the Elementary Technology Conference


Share Your Ideas

Fresh ideas are coming to the 2021 Elementary Technology Conference—and we encourage you to share yours.

As an elementary educator, you are an expert in many things. Your bright ideas, passions, and experiences can spark renewed excitement and energy for other PreK-5 teachers, librarians, curriculum specialists, and administrators. Don’t keep them to yourself!

Submissions for the online 2021 Elementary Technology Conference Call for Presenters are currently open and close end of day March 31, 2021.

Submitters will be notified of their presentation status in April 2021. 


Helpful Presentation Tips

Follow these suggestions for a better shot at a successful presentations.

  • TCEA promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion. We encourage you to speak upon standards-based instruction, but allow it to be relatable to out-of-state and international attendees.
  • Do not exclusively provide the “What” (i.e. what tools will be used), but be sure to include the “Why” or “How.” Why will this make an impact in the classroom? And how can attendees implement this immediately following your session?
  • Take budget considerations into account. Submissions which highlight free or inexpensive software/resources are more likely to be selected.

Fruitful Presentation Tips

  • Be transparent. Include as many details as you can within your submission. You have the opportunity to expand upon your short description in the details section. Be sure to provide learning objectives, what makes your session stand apart from others, and the critical steps your attendees will take to grow.
  • Explain the experiential side of your session. It is not always about the quantity of information shared, but the quality. Make sure your audience will leave with tangible tools and not be exhausted from content overload.
  • If your session includes special considerations (students, music, unique activities, or special devices/software) you must include this in your submission. If you do not, this special consideration is less likely to be approved.