Call for Proposals

The ETC call for proposals is now closed. For late consideration, please email 

Why Presenting Makes a Difference

  • Be a game changer. Transform outcomes for other educators! Share what works for you and could work for them.
  • Be an “aha!” facilitator. Present the catalyst for new ideas and innovation in classrooms.
  • Be a results booster. Impact students in far-reaching ways. Offer up evidence-based strategies and activities that amplify learning.
  • Be a relationship starter. Grow a supportive network. Connect with educators and other presenters for support, feedback, and additional ideas and perspectives.
  • Be a spirit lifter. Offer your peers some words of support and encouragement. If you can do it, they can, too! And you’re here to help.
  • Be a BIG part of a positive ETC experience. Attendees come for the fantastic content presented by YOU.
  • Be an attendee! If you are accepted as the lead presenter for two or more sessions, you qualify for free registration. Give ideas, and get ideas! It’s the ultimate win-win.

Being an ETC presenter and offering such rich support to peers offers you the most life-giving experience possible.

Helpful Presentation Tips

Check out this nifty infographic with tons of submission tips and follow these suggestions for a better shot at success.

  • TCEA promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion. Make your session relatable and accessible to out-of-state and international attendees of backgrounds and cultures.
  • Focus on results and outcomes. Don’t just tell the “what.” Explain what attendees will be able to do and why it matters.
  • Take budgets into consideration. Sessions highlighting free or inexpensive software/resources are more likely to be selected.
  • Set realistic expectations. What makes your session different from the rest? Be clear about what attendees will do during the session and the expected benefits.
  • Describe the resources. Tell your audience what tangible tools they will leave with to reassure them it won’t just be content overload.
  • Include any special considerations. Need special considerations like students, music, unique activities, specific set up, or special devices/software? Let us know.