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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is TCEA’s Elementary Technology Conference going virtual?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in compliance with local and national health guidelines, we’ve made the decision to move the conference to an online platform for the safety and security of everyone involved with the conference.


What does it mean to “go virtual?”

Going “virtual” is just a fancy way to say that the conference will now be held in an online environment. The good news is that this format allows us to offer more content at a reduced registration price.


I’ve already paid to register for the event before the price change. How can I request a refund or reapplication of my registration fee?

You have the option to transfer your registration to the virtual event or request a refund. Please fill out this form by May 22 to let us know how you would like to apply your registration fee. For additional questions, you may reach us at [email protected].


I’ve already booked lodging in Galveston. What should I do?

Galveston hotels have canceled all reservations within the TCEA-provided hotel block. You may reach out to the hotel directly to confirm cancellation or request one if not reserved within the TCEA block.


How has the content changed? How do the virtual presentations differ?

Some presentations, originally scheduled as 90-minute presentations, have been reduced to 60-minutes. TCEA’s presenters are eager and willing to provide their content in this virtual setting. Although the presenter will not be providing you with equipment or supplies, presenters continue to offer hands-on, interactive, and immersive education for you to experience at home.


How will this format differ from the normal in-person conference?

We’re dedicated to creating an enriching, social experience. Our virtual environment will provide many of the benefits you’d typically receive at this conference, minus the get-a-way or sandy toes. Although we may not be able to provide a means of getting out of your home, a conference shirt, or catered breakfast and lunch, TCEA is sure to provide the networking, fun, games, education, island-like experiences, and more that you expect.


How long will I have access to on-demand presentations?

Starting on Sunday, June 14th, TCEA will release 50 one-hour presentations on demand. By the end of the live conference, up to 110 hour-long educational presentations will be provided. All of these presentations will be available for 30 days, with access expiring at the end of the day, July 13, 2020.


Which presentations will be live/on-demand?

You can see presentations by type on the session track page (coming soon). The education exclusively-live are the special events and Sunday pre-conference workshops.


What time zone will the live presentations occur in?

The full live schedule will occur in the Central Time Zone.


How many credit hours can I earn?

You may earn up to 112 CPE credits. Be sure to claim your credits during each presentation.


How do I claim my CPE credit?

During the presentation, you will be provided with an exclusive code in order to claim attendance. Some bonus questions will be asked, specifically related to topics, content, or fun facts provided!


What are bonus points and how do I win prizes?

Those who actively participate during the live conference dates may win points for engagement within the virtual environment, including but not limited to, presentation participation, sponsor engagement, attendee-to-attendee networking, special events, and so much more. Visit the Gamification portion of the platform to learn more.


What are some best practices for participating in virtual events?

Treat the virtual conference as you would an in-person event with respect to your calendar and task load. Prioritize your time to be truly present, experiencing your top priorities for a live setting. After the event, take a break, then binge-watch the presentations you missed live.

For those attending a virtual conference for the first time, block your calendar so you can engage every element, whether the presentations, handouts, virtual booths, networking, and island-like experiences. Full engagement will result in discovering a deeper meaning in the educational topics, an escape from the daily grind, and human connections we all need. In the coming weeks, we will publish tips and best practices for navigating this virtual event on our blog and podcast.


What kind of devices can access the virtual conference?

The platform is designed to work with all internet browsers. We recommend that you access the conference using a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet for the best conference experience. If you are unable to access the conference with one of those devices, a mobile device or smartphone will work just fine.


How do I access the virtual conference?

The email you used during the registration process is your login information into the virtual platform. An official invite with access information will be provided on or before June 14th.


What do I need on the day of the virtual event?

Prior to the event, you will receive an email with the conference URL and login instructions. To successfully login, your account must be in good standing and all registration fees must be paid with a credit card, PO, check, or another form of accepted payment. If you have any issues logging into the conference, please email [email protected].

In order to fully experience the conference, we recommend that you have a copy of Zoom installed on your device prior to the start of the conference. (This is not required to view the live and on-demand presentations, but is encouraged for networking events.)


Do I have access to all of the presentations?

You will have access to all of the on-demand presentations from the start of the virtual conference. All live presentations will be added to the conference after June 16. Pre-conference workshops, socials, and networking events will not be accessible as on-demand content.


Will I be able to ask questions during presentations?

Yes, you may interact with the Q&A feature during the live presentation or as you watch on-demand content. You may upvote others’ questions. Those with the largest votes are most likely to be answered live. TCEA will work with presenters to provide follow-up responses to questions they did not get to.


A presentation has started but my stream isn’t working. What should I do?

First, check your internet speed and the time of the scheduled presentation. If your internet has a lag, please relocate to be in close proximity to your router and limit the number of devices connected at any given time.

Live-streamed presentations will begin to count down at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the presentation. If you access live content prior to that time, the stream will continue to scroll until it begins.

For troubleshooting, select Contact Us in the top right menu of the platform. You may start a live chat, contact by phone, or contact by email for assistance. If all else fails, do not hesitate to reach TCEA directly.


Can I share my conference registration with other members of my team?

Only one individual is permitted per login. Access to the virtual platform cannot be shared, broadcasted, reused, or repurposed in any way. Violators will have all privileges to the platform and credits accrued revoked.


Will there be informal or social events?

Yes! Each day, TCEA is providing multiple opportunities to fit your needs and schedule. From a Sunday Game Night to Coffee with TCEA and networking by role, you’ll be sure to be able to informally network beyond virtual chats and hashtags. Learn more about the special events on our highlights page (coming soon).


How can I share my excitement about the Elementary Technology Conference?

Attendee resources are available on our attendee resources page (coming soon). Share your excitement with your network and encourage them to join in on the fun!