A conference made for just elementary educators.

A conference made just for elementary educators.

It’s simple. Because there wasn’t one! 

TCEA is a nonprofit association that’s been around for over 40 years. Back in 1980, when computers were still pretty new, a group of passionate educators got together to figure out how they could use these machines to enhance learning in the classroom. And so, TCEA was born! We’ve been working hard to promote teaching and learning through the use of technology across Texas and beyond ever since.

Since then, TCEA has been offering conferences, workshops, webinars, and courses to help educators stay up to date with the latest in technology and teaching. But we realized there was a lack of professional learning cultivated for early childhood and elementary teachers – teachers working with students during some of the most critical stages in their development. TCEA wanted to step up and provide an exclusive opportunity.

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So in 2011, the first Elementary Technology Conference was held in Galveston, TX, and it’s been the only conference of its kind ever since.

Powerful resources cultivated exclusively for you.

Whatever your role — from librarian to coach to teacher, we’ve developed this conference exclusively for educators working in early childhood and elementary school settings. The social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth of PreK-5 learners requires a unique set of skills and resources, and we’re committed to making sure you leave ETC with materials, ideas, and strategies to support you in your work with young learners.